Willie Fells: Lets Give; Youth And High School Sports

Willie Fells

If you love American football, and even if you’re don’t – you’re in for a real treat today because my guest is none other than Mr. Willie Fells. Willie played football at Purdue University, and is a Purdue University graduate. He also played professional football, was a college coach for 8 years and a high school coach for 3 years. I also happen to know Willie is very passionate about the future of cryptocurrency. Maybe, just maybe, I can convince him to provide us some of his insights about that. He currently resides in Palatka, FL

Studies suggest young kids who dont particpate in youth sports are more likely to experience early health issues.  They also lack self confidence, team oreinted skills, and more. The pay for youth and high school coaches are increasingly getting smaller for public schools vs private schools. In some states, such as Florida, high schools coaches are only paid .6 cents an hour.  It is Willie’s intention to change the way we see youth and high school sports in Palatka, Fl.

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