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Tim Kachuriak: Understanding Philanthropy

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 My guest on the show today is Tim Kachuriak. Tim is the founder, Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer for NextAfter; a fundraising research lab and consulting firm.  NextAfter works with businesses, nonprofits, and NGOs to help them grow their resource capacity. A nonprofit thought leader, Tim is the author of the book Optimize Your Fundraising, lead researcher and co-author of the Online Fundraising Scorecard, Why Should I Give to You? (The Nonprofit Value Proposition Index Study), as well as The Midlevel Donor Crisis. Tim has trained organizations in fundraising optimization around the world.  He is a frequent speaker at […]

Anne Murphy: Fundraise Without Fear (or Feeling Awkward)

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  My guest on today’s show is Ms. Anne Murphy. Over the course of 25 years in the philanthropic sector, Anne has developed a deep understanding of the mindset of donors and fundraisers alike. She’s tackling the reluctance that many of us feel about asking for money for the causes we love. Anne helps non-profit leaders, founders, and diehard volunteers break down the stigma around fundraising to transform into the fundraisers our causes need. As the non-profit sector grapples with the most intractable problems in our world, they need funding. At the same time, donors need help making giving decisions. […]

Obukaroro Ovadje: Ending World Poverty

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My guest on today’s show is Mr. Obukaroro Ovadje. Obukaroro has a first degree in applied physics. He worked as a geophysicist at the Department of Petroleum Resources.  Obukaroro retired as the Assistant Director, Exploration after 31 years of service. He currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria. Obukaroro shares his heart for people that struggle with living in poverty.  But, he wants to do his part to ending world poverty once and for all.  He cannot do this alone.  However, with your help, it can be done! So, you can reach out to Obukaroro via email:
Dawn Airhart Witte

Dawn Airhart Witte: How To Prepare For A Life Without Limits

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Dawn is an entrepreneur, author, award winning international speaker and philanthropist. Dawn’s mission is to inspire people around the world to find their purpose and live it! She is a certified life coach and the founder of the Desire to Inspire Foundation; a non-profit organization that connects with communities around the world to break cycles of extreme poverty. Dawn has also penned several books, including Be… which imparts an important message about perseverance, purpose and putting kindness out into the world. Desire to Inspire Foundation Though she’s involved in many projects, Dawn’s most proud of her role as a mom […]
Nancy Landa

A New Cause, A New Direction, & My Top 5 Guests of 2020

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In this episode, I share a new direction for this podcast. It’s a slight change to the format. I also provide  a tip on how you can change your circumstances this year. It worked very well for me in 2020! I’m also excited to reveal my new cause, and last, but certainly not least, my personal list of the top 5 guests from 2020. These are the folks that had the greatest impact and influence on me. New segments for this podcast: 1. Causes. Of course! It has been the heartbeat of this show from the beginning. As we hear […]
Sam Caster

Sam Caster: Manna Relief

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Sam is a successful entrepreneur who founded Mannatech; a nutritional Research & Development company.  He grew Mannatech to 450 million dollars a year in annual revenue. In 1999, he founded Manna Relief to provide advanced immune support to the world’s most vulnerable children.  Manna Relief has provided 135 million daily servings of advanced immune support to children in over 90 countries. In 2020, Sam founded Alovea, a for profit social business, to create a sustainable funding platform for Manna Relief. In this episode, Sam takes us on his incredible journey of business success.  However, he also reveals the trials he […]
Dave Ebert

Dave Ebert: Gifts for Glory

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Dave is an improviser, actor, improv coach, speaker, and credentialed minister. He was born in Chicago, but grew up in southwestern Virginia.  Dave attributes much of his improv and acting ability to his experience as a pro wrestler.  He spent 8 years on the independent wrestling circuit in the South. Dave resides with his wife, Bobbie and their 3 cats in Crest Hill, IL. In this episode, Dave shares his love for sharing the gospel through his craft in improv, and how it all began for him. Click here to contribute to Dave’s cause.
Matt Sistrunk

Matt Sistrunk: Slipstream

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Matt is a Veteran, and as such, first served in the military intelligence branch as an electronic technician. He then served as a HAWK Missile Tactical Control Officer in Air Defense Artillary. He has experience as a financial professional with well-known insurance companies in the US, and has built several network marketing organizations. Matt has coached high school football as both volunteer and stipend employee. In addition, he has extensive experience in sales with multiple companies. He has been involved in cryptocurrency for 5 years. Matt has a passion for truth in finance as it relates to business. In this […]
Michael Arterberry

Michael Arterberry: Shake The Dirt Off

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Michael is a Master Encourager and dynamic motivational speaker. In 2008, he founded Youth Voices Center, Inc.; a non-profit with the mission of helping young people to become active, productive members of society.  He helps them achieve this by overcoming their obstacles.  In addition, he helps them overcome their history, stereotypes, as well as their own self-image and limiting beliefs. Michael received the 2010 USA Network’s Characters Unite Award for exceptional commitment to combating predjudice and discrimination while increasing tolerance and acceptance within the community. And, he is also the recipient of the 2014 100 Men of Color Award for […]
Mike Woods

Mike Woods, Jr: Lupus Foundation

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Mike loves sports and was a division 1 collegiate football player that graduated with honors. He has been running his own youth fitness program for 10 years. While building that business, he also created multiple streams of income through affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, and investing. His newest streams of income include Amazon and PrimeGate LoRa Hubs. He has been helping others get out of debt and find ways to bring in additional income. Mike is a husband, as well as what he calls, “a girl dad” to 3 beautiful girls. In this episode, Mike shares his story and reveals why […]