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Dr. Alberto Alexander

Dr. Alberto Alexander: National Cares Movement

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Dr. Alberto is a Cuban-born family man who loves to laugh and bring joy to others. He has an amazing wife and 3 wonderful sons. Dr. Alberto is a corporate advisor, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, keynote speaker, master connector and lover of humanity. He also holds a doctorate in philosophy. His years in broadcasting taught him how to cautiously and respectfully use his microphone for greater good. His own personal philosophy is “The Greater You Bless, The Greater Your Blessings Will Be.” The National Cares Movement focuses on mentoring black children.  Hear how Dr. Alberto came to know and support this […]
Taryk Hodge

Taryk Hodge: Real Estate Investing – A Passion For Teaching

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Taryk is a real estate investor, a dad, and a basketball player.  In addition, he’s a professional ballroom dancer, and an arena football wide receiver.  Plus he’s a lover & follower of Jesus Christ.   He currently resides in Houston, TX.  In this episode, you’ll learn all about this young man’s dream to teach real estate investing to anyone.  So Taryk aspires to provide opportunities for every type of investor to obtain true financial freedom. Click Here to Contribute to Taryk’s Cause or Start Your Own Cause