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Tim Kachuriak: Understanding Philanthropy

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 My guest on the show today is Tim Kachuriak. Tim is the founder, Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer for NextAfter; a fundraising research lab and consulting firm.  NextAfter works with businesses, nonprofits, and NGOs to help them grow their resource capacity. A nonprofit thought leader, Tim is the author of the book Optimize Your Fundraising, lead researcher and co-author of the Online Fundraising Scorecard, Why Should I Give to You? (The Nonprofit Value Proposition Index Study), as well as The Midlevel Donor Crisis. Tim has trained organizations in fundraising optimization around the world.  He is a frequent speaker at […]

Anne Murphy: Fundraise Without Fear (or Feeling Awkward)

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  My guest on today’s show is Ms. Anne Murphy. Over the course of 25 years in the philanthropic sector, Anne has developed a deep understanding of the mindset of donors and fundraisers alike. She’s tackling the reluctance that many of us feel about asking for money for the causes we love. Anne helps non-profit leaders, founders, and diehard volunteers break down the stigma around fundraising to transform into the fundraisers our causes need. As the non-profit sector grapples with the most intractable problems in our world, they need funding. At the same time, donors need help making giving decisions. […]
Willie Fells

Willie Fells: Lets Give; Youth And High School Sports

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If you love American football, and even if you’re don’t – you’re in for a real treat today because my guest is none other than Mr. Willie Fells. Willie played football at Purdue University, and is a Purdue University graduate. He also played professional football, was a college coach for 8 years and a high school coach for 3 years. I also happen to know Willie is very passionate about the future of cryptocurrency. Maybe, just maybe, I can convince him to provide us some of his insights about that. He currently resides in Palatka, FL Studies suggest young kids […]
Kris Hanks

Kris Hanks: I May Be Abused, Autistic, And A Child – But…

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My guest today is Mr. Kris Hanks.  Kris is a life-long veteran of entrepreneurship and considers himself blessed to have succeeded in everything he’s wanted to do. He has built both online & offline wealth which allowed him to retire a couple of times over the years. His genuine love for helping people has brought him out of retirement each time. Currently he’s a consultant for online and brick & mortar businesses.  He helps them increase their bottom lines through the art of communication. Be sure to listen to Kris’ first attempt at making money at the age of 7!  […]
Adrian Ayala

Adrian Ayala: The Ayala Group Gives Back

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Adrian Ayala is an entrepreneur, basketball gym owner, and basketball trainer.  He is a partner in a real estate investment company, and they just started a real estate investment podcast. He is from the Rio Grande area in Texas. So, Adrian is passionate about basketball and sharing that passion with kids. Adrian’s dream is to build a state of the art training facility that will serve the youth in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. Click Here To Contribute To Adrian’s Cause or Start Your Own Cause
Terrance Henderson

Terrance Henderson: Hannah Smiles Alcoa Community Youth Empowerment & Sport

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Terrance hails from Alcoa, TN, where he was born and raised. Alcoa is a tiny town consisting of 13 streets – 12 full streets, and 2 half streets. It is named for the Aluminum Company Of America – which at one time had 4 plants operating in the area.  But now there is only 1. Terrance’s cause is to support Hanna Smiles; a non-profit organization.  This organization provides additional pathways in academics and personal development. They focus is on instilling values, hope and self-esteem. This is done by investing in youth’s academics and personal development.  Research confirms that quality mentoring […]
Aaron Gonzalez

Aaron Gonzalez: Small Business Fundraiser On The Border

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The COVID 19 pandemic has affected so many people in one way or another, but my guest today, Mr. Aaron Gonzalez, has decided to do something about it. No matter where you stand politically about the pandemic, for my guest, this is deeply personal.  And you’ll find out why on today’s show. Aaron is an elementary school music teacher from Edinburg, TX. He enjoys writing music, writing in general, and spending time with his wife and their 1 year old daughter. In the Rio Grande Valley (located on the border of Texas and Mexico) many small businesses are struggling. Some […]
Leon Ferreira

Leon Ferreira: Global Events Have A Very Personal Impact

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My guest today is Mr. Leon Ferreira. Leon has enjoyed a full-time music career as a singer/song writer. Over the past 10 years, Leon co-wrote his first book,  and starred in a number of top stage musical productions.  He wrote and performed a stand-up comedy show, produced and hosted a radio breakfast show, and presented a TV series.  Additionally, Leon has produced hundreds of radio & TV commercials, and is in demand as a voice over artist.  And recently he clinched a leading role in his first movie. Leon, his wife Amanda and their two children currently reside in Centurion, […]
Doug Shinolt

Doug Shinolt: M. S. Van Wheelchair Conversion

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My guest today is Mr. Doug Shinolt. Doug has spent 12 years in the IT industry as an independent consultant. Unfortunately, CoVid 19 brought his business to a screeching halt. Doug is a husband, and a father. He and his wife Alejandra live with their son Francisco in the Altanta, GA area. Doug reveals who the wheelchair conversion is for, why it’s important to him, the cost, and his insight into the future with his cause. Click Here to Contribute to Doug’s Cause or to Start Your Own Cause
Elta Rahim

Elta Rahim: Caring For Tiera, Now And In The Future

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After experiencing a sudden illness in her family, Elta choose to return to her love of Mind, Body, and Spirit healing. She is a speaker and co-author of What You Need to Know to Live a Spiritual Life. Elta is also a teacher and facilitator of several healing modalities.  These include Reiki, NLP, and being a certified Psych-K facilitator. Elta had been looking for something with science and double blind studies behind it.  She found it with Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®. She has an amazing daughter who lives in Cordova Alaska with her beloved husband. Six months ago Tiera […]