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Donte' Gillespie

Donte’ Gillespie: Education and Legacy

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Donte’ is a full-time husband and father. He is a family man, first and foremost. Donte’ is also a musician, entrepreneur, and marketer. And he successfully generates income through all 3. In this episode Donte’ reveals why education and legacy are supremely important to him.  And furthermore, how education leads to leaving a lasting legacy for all involved. Click here to contribute to Donte’s cause or to start your own cause.

Paul Aleobua: Education Is Everything

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Paul is a community leader, a technocrat, and an administrator. In addition, he is a former President of the Nigerian Foundation of Michigan.  Also, he is the founding Treasurer of UACO. Paul graduated from Detroit University Mercy with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Paul shares his story in this episode of how an uncle helped to shape his education.  That has lead him into an amazing life of achievement.  Now he has made educating youth his life’s work to pay it forward. Click here to contribute to Paul’s cause or to start your own cause.
Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson: Educational Programs In Developing Countries

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Scott is an author of 8 books! He is a speaker with a passion to connect people to their potential & purpose. By doing so he is able to show them how to live an effective, more fulfilling life. Scott has traveled to numerous countries where he inspires audiences and shows people how to rise above the chaos and noise of their culture. He demonstrates how they can become a beacon of light to their world, to step into and become more intentional about their God-given innate dreams and capacities.  Scott recently started a new podcast “Grace on Fire”. Scott’s […]