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Financial Freedom: Ken Chickk on Cryptocurrency Success

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Ken is a cryptocurrency enthusiast. He’s been in the online marketing arena for in the last 10 years and direct sales for 20 years. As a full-time networker for the past 9 years, Ken has built huge international teams.  He takes great pleasure in mentoring people to becoming financially successful. In this episode, Ken shares 2 cryptocurrency programs that pass his “sniff test”.  He knows how to read compensation plans.  In addition, he knows what doesn’t promote longevity and sustainability. Learn what criteria any cryptocurrency program must pass to get his attention, and why the 2 programs he recommends are […]
Brandon Ivey

Brandon Ivey: Cryptocurrency Education

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Mr. Brandon Ivey began his network marketing career while in his senior year at Morehouse College. His 22 years of experience in the industry has allowed him to be a 7 figure earner and top producer for multiple companies. He has also held the title of Vice President of Sales and Marketing for several companies. He retired from corporate America 8 years ago and has been working from home full-time since then. For the past 3 years, Brandon has been working in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space.  He provides education and consulting services for 2 Crypto Education companies. Click here […]