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Anne Murphy: Fundraise Without Fear (or Feeling Awkward)

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  My guest on today’s show is Ms. Anne Murphy. Over the course of 25 years in the philanthropic sector, Anne has developed a deep understanding of the mindset of donors and fundraisers alike. She’s tackling the reluctance that many of us feel about asking for money for the causes we love. Anne helps non-profit leaders, founders, and diehard volunteers break down the stigma around fundraising to transform into the fundraisers our causes need. As the non-profit sector grapples with the most intractable problems in our world, they need funding. At the same time, donors need help making giving decisions. […]
Nancy Landa

The Damaging Effects of Negativity

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Today’s episode is all about negativity. Now I know that sounds horrible, but stay with me here. First, I will show you how negative influences affect your mindset. But, in the taking action segment, I’ll share with you some strategies on how you can manage or even eliminate negative influences. In the thriving health segment, I’ll talk about effective problem solving. In the When God Speaks segment, I’ll share how God revealed who didn’t belong on my Amiina Africa board of directors, and why. Click here to learn more about Amiina Africa
Gerald Ballentyne

Gerald Ballantyne: Protect Communities and Our Planet

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Mr. Gerald Ballantyne is an entrepreneur, marketer, and a business coach. He has experience in and teaches affiliate marketing, network marketing, and ecommerce. Gerald embraces the motto “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. In this episode, you’ll learn of Gerald’s many adventures traveling around the world.  And you’ll understand why his heart is focused on stopping deforestation.  In addition, he wants to protect the rainforests, species, and communities.  Then you’ll know why our planet needs protection. Click here to contribute to Gerald’s cause or start your very own cause.