Osaretin Agbonavbare: Sticking To Your Dream

My amazing guest on today’s show is Mr. Osaretin David Agbonavbare.  Osas is a serial entrepreneur; he founded 2borders (a Fintech company), botsstop (an e-commerce company), thoughtsbehindthequote (psycholab), and is co-founder of boldpay (a microfinance company).  He is a published author (his books can be found on Amazon), a global speaker, a language translator, as well as an Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft certified trainer.

Osas has trained thousands of Africans across 32 countries on entrepreneurship, gender equality, climate change,  and digital education.  He is a loving and caring man with a passion for learning.   He enjoys reading about Christiano Rolando and listening to famous entrepreneurs.  He looks forward to becoming a pioneer member of AfCFTA board in the next five (5) years.  Osas is joining me today from Nigeria to talk about sticking to your dream.

In this episode Osas shares his passions, his education, as well as his journey to achieving his dream and the life he desires.

Check out his website.  Connect with him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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