A New Cause, A New Direction, & My Top 5 Guests of 2020

In this episode, I share a new direction for this podcast. It’s a slight change to the format. I also provide  a tip on how you can change your circumstances this year. It worked very well for me in 2020! I’m also excited to reveal my new cause, and last, but certainly not least, my personal list of the top 5 guests from 2020. These are the folks that had the greatest impact and influence on me.

New segments for this podcast:

1. Causes. Of course! It has been the heartbeat of this show from the beginning. As we hear about other people’s journeys, it inspires and movtivates us to pursue our own. It can also inspire us to start a new cause.

2. Mindset. This is all about personal development. Mindset is huge when you’re trying to pursue a cause that means so much to you. Without the right mindset, you’re going to struggle a lot more than necessary, so I want to help you with that.

3. Thriving health is a segment that will help all of us. Afterall, as we work hard to pursue the fulfilment of our cause, we want to do all we can to ensure we are around to see that happen!

4. When God Speaks. An interesting topic. He spoke a lot to me in 2020, and I’ll be sharing those stories with you, as they have certainly impacted my journey. It seemed like He spoke a lot to me in 2020, but no doubt, the reality is, I was probably a little better at actually listening.

5. Financial freedom, which is important for anyone pursuing a cause, so that is one that I am excited to bring to you. I’ll be specifically covering cryptocurrency because I believe that is the key in today’s economic climate.

My new Cause:

Amiina Africa

Click here to check out and/or contribute to my new cause.

Top 5 Guests:

#5:  Episode #26 Bethany Gibbs

#4:  Episode #42 Tumwa Charles Ivan

#3:  Episode #41 Terri Lynn

#2:  Episode #47 Matt Sistrunk

#1: Episode #49 Sam Caster


A huge THANK YOU to ALL of my guests in 2020!  You are amazing people and I’m a better person for having the honor of getting to know you!

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