Kasha Young-Walker: Debt Relief

Kasha Young-Walker

Kasha is a thought leader, inspirational speaker, and vibrant intrapreneur. She challenges how people view and manage money. She holds a degree in business from the University of Texas of Permian Basin.  Currently, Kasha manages a global IT group for a US financial company. She is most passionate about financial freedom through education and technology. Her desire is to help people eradicate debt.  Not only that, she also helps them build generational wealth for their families. In her downtime, Kasha enjoys traveling, and trying new recipes.  Also, she enjoys taking afternoon summer naps. She is married and has a German Sheppard mix dog.

Kasha shares her story, explains the “Wealth Gap”, and her vision for helping people through her debt relief system.  Additionally, she shares why one of her pillars of her system is so important.

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