Ignitions for the Emerging Global Challenge Part 3 – Work Stress & FinTech

On today’s show, we are continuing the round table discussion with my 2 distinguished and honorable guests; Terri Lynn and Osas. This is part 3 of a 10 part series titled “Ignitions for the Emerging Global Challenge”.

Terri Lynn is a mentor, a coach and an “adopted mom” to many young people in Africa as well as other places around the world. She is on the board of directors of Amiina Africa; an outreach assistance program for African Christian leaders. Terri Lynn has an Associates of Science degree in electrical engineering and spent nearly 8 years in the field of electronics and field service. She currently resides with her family in North Carolina

Osas is incredibly passionate about people, society and technology. He is an Author, Speaker, Translator, Ambassador, co-founder and COO of multiple companies. He has built systems together with partners across the globe and has trained both young and old across 15 African nations. He is on the verge of rounding off his PhD program overseas and currently resides with his wife in Nigeria.

Our topics today are Work Stress & FinTech. We will explore what they are, how they affect us, and where to go to get some help with them.

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