John LaRose: Helping The Children Of St Louis Du Nord, Haiti

John LaRose

John wants to live in a world where he can sing & laugh his way into the hearts of people all over the world.  By doing so he will be spreading the powerful & loving message of the gospel while serving to the underprivileged. He graduated from Broward College with a degree in Journalism. His vision is to inspire young people one person at a time. In conjunction with saving the world through love and song, he states, “My goal is not just to make you laugh. I want to build you up, to lift you up”.  And he does so each Sunday morning as one of the worship leaders of his New Covenant Christian Community Church. You’ll hear in this episode he how leaves an impression with each person he meets.  His uplifting personality, amazing words of inspiration, sultry voice, humor and charismatic aura are apparent. Starting a foundation to honor the name of my departed brother who was very impactful in that community.  In addition he wants that foundation to honor the name of their dad who was very helpful in funding the various causes in the community.

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