Financial Freedom: Matt Sistrunk on PGI Global

Matt was on the show a few months ago, sharing his vision for Slipstream. He is a Veteran, where he served in the military intelligence branch as an electronic technician first.  Then he served as a HAWK Missile Tactical Control Officer in Air Defense Artillary. Matt is experienced as a financial professional with well-known insurance companies in the US.  He is an outstanding networker.  He built several network marketing organizations. Matt is very knowlegeable about cryptocurrency, and has over 5 years experience in the cryptocurrency space. But he is most passionate about truth in finance for people and businesses.

In this episode, Matt shares his view, experience and insights on a cryptocurrency platform called PGI Global.  Praeterian Group International is a relatively new company that anyone can get started with for as little as $100.   But, many people start, like Matt did, with $1,000.  In addition, you can withdraw your earnings weekly.  This is passive income at its best.

There are multiple ways to earn, for those that want to build a business around PGI Global, too.  Matt is passionate about providing true economic empowerment through cryptogurrency,  He strongly encourages you to consider PGI Global.  But, don’t wait – because it can cost you money if you do.

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