Bonus Episode – Nancy Landa: Complete Home Renovation As A Memorial To My Parents

Nancy Landa

Nancy is a 63 year old a mother of 3, and grandmother of 10.  She was the sole caregiver of her elderly parents for nearly 13 years; her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  She’s passionate about natural health solutions, interior, exterior and landscape design, and she absolutely loves the transformation process.  Nancy is proud to be a US Navy veteran, entrepreneur, marketer, a philanthropist-in-training, as well as podcast host of this new podcast.  She is always learning new things, and stepping outside her comfort zone, because that’s where personal growth happens.  She believes that through our greatest struggles in life is where God does his geatest work through us.

Nancy purchased her home in 2007 as a place to care for her aging parents and began renovations then. She has not been able to complete them. Her ream is to complete the renovations in memory of her parents whom she cared for in their last years on Earth in this home.

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