Earl Wallace – The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights

Earl is the author of “The Three-Dimensional Leader: Negotiating Your Mission, Resources and Context”. He has taught this valuable information throughout America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. His purpose is to assist people, teams and organizations to “think differently in 3D-MRC”, so they truly can do better.

Earl is a Patriot. He served in the US Army, has been a high school English teacher, a Christian musician, as well as a Bible conference teacher, and a Tea Party spokesperson from 2008-2011.

In 2012, while teaching a 3D Leadership course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, he had several meals with a self-identified jihadist. He advised Earl, saying, “You Americans are doomed, because you don’t know how to defend your culture. We will use every freedom against you.” From that encounter, Earl began a new search for what is the foundation of America’s culture. Earl discovered how our Nation’s amazing Biblical foundation was undermined. He uncovered who did and is still doing it, and how they are doing it.

In 2014, Earl became the founding pastor of Liberty Christian Fellowship Church near Albany, NY. There he teaches that the Bible applies to every aspect of life, including our civics. Pastor Earl teaches “The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights”. He desires Americans to reaffirm our Biblical, God-given, Ten Commandments, unalienable rights, upon which American culture was founded.

You can get in touch with Earl via email here: PastorEarl@LibertyCFChurch.org

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