Drs. Caroline & Christian Heim: Vicarious Trauma Tool

Drs. Caroline & Christian Heim
Dr. Caroline Heim is an Associate Professor in theatre at Queensland University of Technology in Australia and is an international author. Before entering academia, Caroline worked as a professional actor on New York stages. It is there where she won a Drama League Award, and received critical acclaim from The New York Times. Caroline is a certified Lifeline (crisis counselling organization) counsellor and facilitator. She likes singing in storms, having deep talks with Christian and hugging her boys.

Dr Christian Heim is an award-winning psychiatrist, music professor and Churchill fellow. During his 20 years of continuing psychiatry practice he has heard the stories of 1,000s of people. He speaks from a place of deep compassion and authority on 21st Century Mental Health issues that can affect us all: anxiety, depression, addiction, personality disorders. He gives talks globally about preventative mental health.

He is a senior lecturer at the University of Queensland in the School of Medicine and in music has lectured at Manhattan School of Music, The University of Newcastle and the University of Wollongong. He has a PhD from the University of Sydney and has published research articles, music compositions and his book “The 7 types of Love: navigating love in a fractured world”. He is the 2014 recipient of the Newton-John award for innovation & creativity as well as the 2000 Blackwell Award for Critical Reasoning in Science.

He lives in Australia on the beautiful Sunshine Coast with Caroline and has kangaroos over his back fence! He de-stresses by taking long walks on deserted Australian beaches and playing piano.

In this episode, Dr. Caroline Heim and Dr. Christian Heim share their journey from childhood, to falling in love (an amazing story), to creating a highly effective tool to help health care workers to prevent burnout. Their Vicarious Trauma tool is actually effective for anyone that wants to process trauma and traumatic events; not just for health care workers. The best part is, it is free! You can locate the training videos on their website here: Vicarious Trauma Tool

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