Catherine Foster: Enliven The Creative Process In The World

Catherine Foster

Catherine has been a professional, international artist for over 45 years. Her artworks are in galleries, private & corporate collections around the world.  These locations include the US, Canada, Japan, Korea, Italy, and France.  As well as Greece, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Russia and Israel. She is an expressive arts coach, and certified master coach.  She is an Usui and shamballa reiki master.  In addition, Catherine is a trans-personal coach, a soul recognition facilitator, and an energy healer.  Not only those, but she is also a sacred space facilitator, a visionary energy healer, and a creativity coach. She loves expressive arts and helping others dive into their own unique creativity.

On this episode, Catherine talks about her love of art, and reveals her cause and vision for an art center that encourages the artist she believes lives in everyone.  If you think you aren’t creative, listen to her!

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