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Matt Sistrunk

Matt Sistrunk: Slipstream

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Matt is a Veteran, and as such, first served in the military intelligence branch as an electronic technician. He then served as a HAWK Missile Tactical Control Officer in Air Defense Artillary. He has experience as a financial professional with well-known insurance companies in the US, and has built several network marketing organizations. Matt has coached high school football as both volunteer and stipend employee. In addition, he has extensive experience in sales with multiple companies. He has been involved in cryptocurrency for 5 years. Matt has a passion for truth in finance as it relates to business. In this […]
Michael Arterberry

Michael Arterberry: Shake The Dirt Off

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Michael is a Master Encourager and dynamic motivational speaker. In 2008, he founded Youth Voices Center, Inc.; a non-profit with the mission of helping young people to become active, productive members of society.  He helps them achieve this by overcoming their obstacles.  In addition, he helps them overcome their history, stereotypes, as well as their own self-image and limiting beliefs. Michael received the 2010 USA Network’s Characters Unite Award for exceptional commitment to combating predjudice and discrimination while increasing tolerance and acceptance within the community. And, he is also the recipient of the 2014 100 Men of Color Award for […]
Mike Woods

Mike Woods, Jr: Lupus Foundation

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Mike loves sports and was a division 1 collegiate football player that graduated with honors. He has been running his own youth fitness program for 10 years. While building that business, he also created multiple streams of income through affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, and investing. His newest streams of income include Amazon and PrimeGate LoRa Hubs. He has been helping others get out of debt and find ways to bring in additional income. Mike is a husband, as well as what he calls, “a girl dad” to 3 beautiful girls. In this episode, Mike shares his story and reveals why […]
Donte' Gillespie

Donte’ Gillespie: Education and Legacy

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Donte’ is a full-time husband and father. He is a family man, first and foremost. Donte’ is also a musician, entrepreneur, and marketer. And he successfully generates income through all 3. In this episode Donte’ reveals why education and legacy are supremely important to him.  And furthermore, how education leads to leaving a lasting legacy for all involved. Click here to contribute to Donte’s cause or to start your own cause.
Jeff Gibbs

Jeff Gibbs: Save 1 Million Kids

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Jeff has been an actor and filmmaker for over 20 years. He has been integrally involved in most aspects of the production of film and television. As an artist, he has a unique understanding of what makes a successful project, whether stage, commercial, TV or film. As a business asset, he brings to a project vast and varied experience, passionate loyalty and dedication.  In addition, he has a viable network of professional resources.  This valuable network is necessary for development and production of marketable films. Jeff is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, husband and father. He currently resides in Texas with […]
Tumwa Charles Ivan

Tumwa Charles Ivan: Mimi Kids Ministry

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Tumwa is a ministry and community leader who helps needy and orphaned children in Uganda. He has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have come to know, and has eagerly embraced his new title of Ambassador on a project we just began working on together. In this episode, Tumwa shares his heart for people, reveals why there are so many orphaned children in Uganda; the focus of his Mimi Kids Ministry. Click here to contribute to Tumwa’s cause or to start your own cause.

Terri Lynn: Mama Nwodo’s Nigeria House Project

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Terri is a wife, mother of 3, and grandmother of 2. She is a mentor and a coach. She is also an “adopted mom” to many young people in Africa as well as other places around the world. Terri has an Associates of Science degree in electrical engineering and spent nearly 8 years in the field of electronics and field service. She currently resides with her family in North Carolina. In this episode, Terri reveals who Mama Nwodo is, and why she chose this woman’s house project as her cause.  Terri shares her heart and her captivating story that has […]
DJ Coulter

DJ Coulter: The Gary Coulter Foundation

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DJ is an artist; a bronze sculptor. Her life-sized sculptures have sold for nearly six figures. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in business. DJ is an entrepreneur who is well-known for her giving heart. In this episode, DJ shares her story that has lead to the formation of the Gary Coulter Foundation.  You’ll learn how she took a simple idea and turned it into a cause with purpose and passion. Click here to contribute to DJ’s cause or to start your own cause.
Lonnie Boswell

Lonnie Boswell: Diamonds Unite Charity

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Lonnie is a business builder and developer. He started several businesses with just an idea that ended up becoming multi million dollar companies. Marketing and strategic growth plans are his specialty. He is currently applying for an honorary LT Sheriff designation in San Diego, CA,  In addition, Lonnie is attending seminary school to become a pastor. Also, he has 2 children; Lasante and Lorie that are his world. In this episode, you will hear a man of great compassion for people.  His success in business fuels his passion to help as many people as possible. Click here to contribute to […]
Eduardo Flores

Eduardo Flores: Equal Rights For Mothers, Fathers, & Grandparents

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Eduardo is a 7 figure income earner in the network marketing space.  In fact, he has achieved that level in 3 companies. He is a professional MLM team builder, and has been for over 23 years. But, his focus is on helping people in Latin America improve their lives by achieving higher personal and professional goals. To Eduardo, success is measured by helping others achieve their goals.  And, by doing so, it builds their confidence with true results. Eduardo is orginally from San Antonio, TX, and now resides in Dallas with his beautiful wife. In this episode, Eduardo shares his […]