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Derek Telles

Derek Telles: Children With Childhood Cancer UK

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Derek is a fully trained Chef and has owned his own restaurant and contract catering business. Also, he has had a property portfolio. He owned and operated his own jewellery shop for bespoke designed jewels and wedding rings. Derek has survived 2 heart attacks due to his own lack of knowledge of proper nutrition. These experiences fueled his desire to advocate for proper nutrition.  By doing so, he can provide valuable information about how to not only prevent disease, but also to allow the body the ability to reverse what’s wrong. Derek shares his passion about helping children with cancer, […]
Kasha Young-Walker

Kasha Young-Walker: Debt Relief

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Kasha is a thought leader, inspirational speaker, and vibrant intrapreneur. She challenges how people view and manage money. She holds a degree in business from the University of Texas of Permian Basin.  Currently, Kasha manages a global IT group for a US financial company. She is most passionate about financial freedom through education and technology. Her desire is to help people eradicate debt.  Not only that, she also helps them build generational wealth for their families. In her downtime, Kasha enjoys traveling, and trying new recipes.  Also, she enjoys taking afternoon summer naps. She is married and has a German […]
Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson: Educational Programs In Developing Countries

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Scott is an author of 8 books! He is a speaker with a passion to connect people to their potential & purpose. By doing so he is able to show them how to live an effective, more fulfilling life. Scott has traveled to numerous countries where he inspires audiences and shows people how to rise above the chaos and noise of their culture. He demonstrates how they can become a beacon of light to their world, to step into and become more intentional about their God-given innate dreams and capacities.  Scott recently started a new podcast “Grace on Fire”. Scott’s […]
Dr. Alberto Alexander

Dr. Alberto Alexander: National Cares Movement

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Dr. Alberto is a Cuban-born family man who loves to laugh and bring joy to others. He has an amazing wife and 3 wonderful sons. Dr. Alberto is a corporate advisor, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, keynote speaker, master connector and lover of humanity. He also holds a doctorate in philosophy. His years in broadcasting taught him how to cautiously and respectfully use his microphone for greater good. His own personal philosophy is “The Greater You Bless, The Greater Your Blessings Will Be.” The National Cares Movement focuses on mentoring black children.  Hear how Dr. Alberto came to know and support this […]
Emmanuel Okekanmi

Emmanuel Okekanmi: Youth Skills Acquisition Training Center

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Emmanuel has both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in theology and biblical studies. He’s an independent missionary currently serving the Baruba people in Baruten of Kwara state; located in north central Nigeria. Emmanuel’s vision is to build a youth training center in Baruten. It will provide valuable hands-on vocational training so that the youth will gain the skills they need to become productive members of their community. But this can’t happen without your help! Click here to contribute to Emmanuel’s cause or start your own cause.  
Bethany Gibbs

Bethany Gibbs: A 12-Passenger Van To Help

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Bethany is an entrepreneur with a philanthropist’s heart. She and her husband operated a hand made jewelery business, and traveled the country doing festivals, fairs and shows for 14 years. She is always willing to help people out any way she can. For example, she helped a young pastor from Uganda, which you’ll hear that story from her today. It is quite inspiring! Bethany has 2 children; Chad & Kellie, and 4 grandchildren; Andre, Collin, Trinity, & Amanda, who all live close by her home in Washington. On this episode, Bethany reveals her cause, and why it is vitally important […]
Catherine Foster

Catherine Foster: Enliven The Creative Process In The World

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Catherine has been a professional, international artist for over 45 years. Her artworks are in galleries, private & corporate collections around the world.  These locations include the US, Canada, Japan, Korea, Italy, and France.  As well as Greece, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Russia and Israel. She is an expressive arts coach, and certified master coach.  She is an Usui and shamballa reiki master.  In addition, Catherine is a trans-personal coach, a soul recognition facilitator, and an energy healer.  Not only those, but she is also a sacred space facilitator, a visionary energy healer, and a creativity coach. She loves expressive arts […]
Michele Facini

Michele Facini: No Pet Left Behind

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Michele holds an Associates Degree in mortuary science. She’s an entrepreneur, a certified life coach, and is licensed in both real estate and insurance. She’s an avid animal lover and volunteers with animal rescue organizations where she assists with adoptions. She has, in fact, fed a feral cat colony for 11 years. Michele is a movie buff, and enjoys reading, bowling, shooting, crafts and painting. On this episode, Michele reveals heart for pets.  Her cause involves a unique and innovative plan for pets when disaster strikes.  Anyone who is a pet owner or animal enthusiast will want to listen in […]
Bryant Sandburg

Bryant Sandburg: Evangelizing The Baptized

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Bryant was born in 1936 in Ogdensburg, NY. He holds a bachelor’s of business administration degree from Bonaventure University. His career has centered around advertising and marketing. He retired in 2001 and it took another few years to find his true calling – evangelization and faith formation. He has been working in that arena since 2008. On this episode, Bryant reveals his heart for people of faith.  His cause supports a non-profit that he has personally worked for and desires to continue to support their efforts. Click here to contribute to his cause or start your own cause
Jerry Lopez

Jerry Lopez: CEO of Up2Give

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Mr. Jerry Lopez is a versatile business leader.  He brings 21 years of experience as an accomplished executive, pastor, musician and philanthropist. Additionally, he is a devoted husband and father.  He holds a doctorate in 14 religions.  So, he is most passionate about creating solutions for individuals in need worldwide. Currently, Jerry is the international hispanic movement pastor at the Radical Movement Ministries located in Orlando, FL.  There he supports the youth pastoral ministries and growth development counsel ministers. Jerry is a motivational and personal development advocate for ministry and for business. On this episode, Jerry tells the story of […]