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Obukaroro Ovadje: Ending World Poverty

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My guest on today’s show is Mr. Obukaroro Ovadje. Obukaroro has a first degree in applied physics. He worked as a geophysicist at the Department of Petroleum Resources.  Obukaroro retired as the Assistant Director, Exploration after 31 years of service. He currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria. Obukaroro shares his heart for people that struggle with living in poverty.  But, he wants to do his part to ending world poverty once and for all.  He cannot do this alone.  However, with your help, it can be done! So, you can reach out to Obukaroro via email:
Doug Billings

The Right Side with Doug Billings

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Doug’s background includes broadcasting, theological studies, master’s degrees in education and human resources executive leadership. He is a former human resources executive who, like many, were furloughed when CoVid19 struck. He decided to return to his roots of broadcasting to do his part to combat the rise of communism and socialism in America by starting the podcast, “The Right Side with Doug Billings”. His podcast has enjoyed fast and steady growth; ranked by Apple Podcasts as the #7 News & Political Commentary podcast in the US and in the top 10 podcasts in over a dozen countries. Doug is a […]