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Nancy Landa

How To Catch Your Dream Thief

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In the Mindset segment I’ll talk with you about how this one little thing could be stealing your dream. I’ll tell you exactly what it is, and how you can stop if from stealing from you. In the Take Action segment, I’ll to share with you 3 ways you can get your cause out to the masses. In the Financial Freedom segment, I’ll share with you my perspective of the current cryptocurrency landscape. Click here to learn more about SmartChoice Click here to learn more about F2S Fund and in the When God Speaks segment, I’ll share how God spoke […]
Matt Sistrunk

Financial Freedom: Matt Sistrunk on PGI Global

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Matt was on the show a few months ago, sharing his vision for Slipstream. He is a Veteran, where he served in the military intelligence branch as an electronic technician first.  Then he served as a HAWK Missile Tactical Control Officer in Air Defense Artillary. Matt is experienced as a financial professional with well-known insurance companies in the US.  He is an outstanding networker.  He built several network marketing organizations. Matt is very knowlegeable about cryptocurrency, and has over 5 years experience in the cryptocurrency space. But he is most passionate about truth in finance for people and businesses. In […]