Elta Rahim: Caring For Tiera, Now And In The Future

Elta Rahim

After experiencing a sudden illness in her family, Elta choose to return to her love of Mind, Body, and Spirit healing. She is a speaker and co-author of What You Need to Know to Live a Spiritual Life. Elta is also a teacher and facilitator of several healing modalities.  These include Reiki, NLP, and being a certified Psych-K facilitator. Elta had been looking for something with science and double blind studies behind it.  She found it with Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®.

She has an amazing daughter who lives in Cordova Alaska with her beloved husband.

Six months ago Tiera and her dad, La Tabaa Tyrbouslu or “T”, we’re heading up to Park City.  They hit black ice and tumbled 200’ off the freeway into a ravine. Regaining his wits after the severe impact, T somehow stumbled up that steep slope and finally got help.  Learn on this episode the impact this tragic accident had on this young mother.  Great story of hope and a giving heart!

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