Bill Nolan: “Help Is On The Way” film and TV series

My guest on today’s show is Mr. Bill Nolan. Bill is a Certified Biofeedback Specialist and Licensed Spiritual Healer Coach, with a B.S., from New York Institute of Technology State College. He has been involved in inflammatory stress work and is highly integrated with higher concept and spiritual work.
Bill has led an eclectic life to say the least…originally from upstate New York, he has lived all over the USA. Bill worked for a consulting firm, and has helped Fortune 500 firms along with smaller private companies. Then, escaping from Hurricane Katrina, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Working with traditional health clinics and then moving to new technology driven modalities, he has fused his desires for service to others and animals, truth seeking, perfection, and business ownership with Planet BioScan. After working in emerging biotechnological industries, he continues to search for ways to improve the human and animal condition.

Valuing maturity yet staying youthful, enjoying the ride, and helping others is the path he is on. He values kindness, intelligence, a larger perspective, animals, and honesty – with a dash of mystery to keep things interesting.

Once Bill mastered his scanning and frequency work with Your Planet BioScan, he began working on himself emphasizing creativity and deep potential work. That lead him to his opus work:  “Help Is On The Way” film and TV series!

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