Bethany Gibbs: A 12-Passenger Van To Help

Bethany Gibbs

Bethany is an entrepreneur with a philanthropist’s heart. She and her husband operated a hand made jewelery business, and traveled the country doing festivals, fairs and shows for 14 years. She is always willing to help people out any way she can. For example, she helped a young pastor from Uganda, which you’ll hear that story from her today. It is quite inspiring! Bethany has 2 children; Chad & Kellie, and 4 grandchildren; Andre, Collin, Trinity, & Amanda, who all live close by her home in Washington.

On this episode, Bethany reveals her cause, and why it is vitally important for this small community in Uganda to have a 12-passenger van.  In addition, she reveals what she has been able to do to help this community up to now.

Click here to contribute to Bethany’s cause or to create your own cause


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