Anne Murphy: Fundraise Without Fear (or Feeling Awkward)


My guest on today’s show is Ms. Anne Murphy. Over the course of 25 years in the philanthropic sector, Anne has developed a deep understanding of the mindset of donors and fundraisers alike. She’s tackling the reluctance that many of us feel about asking for money for the causes we love. Anne helps non-profit leaders, founders, and diehard volunteers break down the stigma around fundraising to transform into the fundraisers our causes need.

As the non-profit sector grapples with the most intractable problems in our world, they need funding. At the same time, donors need help making giving decisions. That’s why she’s devoted to nurturing a new cohort of fearless fundraisers to make the connection between non-profits and donors.

Anne has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in STEM education, arts and culture, open spaces, at risk youth, food politics, and higher education. From bricks-and-mortar to scholarships to program support to campaigns, Anne has experience in a breadth of sectors within the non-profit world. She specializes in mindset coaching for non-development professionals, personal development for early career fundraisers, volunteer engagement, and strategic planning.

When she’s not working with donors and fundraisers, Anne is an avid backpacker, traveling the world to find the perfect trail for cultivating her mindset while trekking. She and her kids will miss their daily dance parties in the kitchen when we resume in-person school and work, but they can’t wait to hug loved ones across the country.

In this episode, Anne shares her journey in assisting philanthropists and non-profit organizations raise funds and reveals some valuable insight tips to getting started.

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