Kris Hanks: I May Be Abused, Autistic, And A Child – But…

Kris Hanks

My guest today is Mr. Kris Hanks.  Kris is a life-long veteran of entrepreneurship and considers himself blessed to have succeeded in everything he’s wanted to do. He has built both online & offline wealth which allowed him to retire a couple of times over the years. His genuine love for helping people has brought him out of retirement each time. Currently he’s a consultant for online and brick & mortar businesses.  He helps them increase their bottom lines through the art of communication.

Be sure to listen to Kris’ first attempt at making money at the age of 7!  It is hillarious.  Kris shares his story of how he met a 7 year old autistic child.  He explains the discoverey of abuse and neglect.  It will break your heart.  The story has a happy ending and is the basis for Kris’ cause.  You won’t want to miss a single minute of his story!

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