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Welcome to Cause Talk! Radio
We believe everyone has a cause; a reason they are here on Earth - no matter what circumstances they come from, or are currently in.

It is our hope that by sharing causes with you, you will be inspired to contribute to the guest's cause that tugs on your heart, and make a difference in the world we live in by doing so.

In addition, we hope you will be inspired to start your own cause - something bigger than you, that helps someone else; even multitudes of people. Think Big!

If you'd like to have your cause featured on our podcast, we stand ready to support you. Click the button below today to schedule your recording session for a future episode of Cause Talk! Radio!
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Nancy Landa
Nancy Landa
Host, Cause Talk! Radio
Nancy is an entrepreneur, marketer, philanthropist, and advocate for family caregivers. She cared for her elderly parents in her home for nearly 13 years; her mother with Alzheimer's disease. Nancy's passions include her Christian faith, her family & friends, natural health solutions, as well as interior, exterior & landscape design. She loves helping anyone find their philanthropic life's purpose, and then helping them locate funding opportunities so they can fulfill their cause. This podcast provides an opportunity for her to excel using her unique gifts to promote other people's causes, while inspiring others to begin their own philanthropic journey through the Cause Talk! Radio podcast production.